This is the fact sheet for Coastal America

Our Action Plan

The issue we selected: Climate change impacts on the coast of North Carolina

Our Current Mission Statement: To educate the community about the effects of climate change through film while inspiring our regional neighbors to initiate climate-friendly actions towards the environment.

Our Target Audience: General Audiences/Schools

Our Desired Outcome: To educate others about the impacts humans have upon the natural cycle of climate change, and how it affects our coastal environment. We also hope to help educate the public on eco-friendly practices which will slow this process.

Our Implementation Plan: To create an informative video which will educate the public and students about this growing issues. The video will include opinions from experts and non-experts in all fields.

Here is a copy of our complete action plan that we turned in for the Summit.

Our Action Video:

Cape Fear Student Summit Video from Cape Fear Student Summit on Vimeo.

Our Action Poster:
Our final Film:
Watch it on Vimeo

Also visit our curriculum website here.

Our Resources:
People we talked to:
Doug Springer, Wilmington Water Tours
Anthony Snider, UNCW Environmental Studies Department
Paul Hosier, UNCW Department of Biology and Marine Biology
Kemp Burdette, Cape Fear River Watch
Keith Farmer, North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
Doug Gamble, UNCW Department of Geology

Places we visited:
Cape Fear River
Baldhead Island Conservancy
Holly Shelter Park
North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
Fort Fisher Historic Site