Cape Fear Beach Bears: Sandy Paws for a Cause!!

Jessica, Keela, Evan, and Dustin

Welcome to the home of the Cape Fear Beach Bears. We are the North Carolina Student Delegation from the Coastal America Student Summit on Ocean and Coasts. Coastal America is a federal partnership involving many federal organizations, non-governmental organizations, and non-profits that are focusing on coastal issues. Fifteen years ago Coastal America began to incorporate Coastal Ecosystems Learning Centers (CELCs) from across the nation. There are now 23 CELCs including the North Carolina Aquariums. In February of 2011 Coastal America hosted its third Student Summit on the Oceans and Coasts. This year they focused on Ocean Literacy Principle three and how the ocean impacts climate. Coastal America invited the 23 CELCs to participate in the summit by creating an action plan to address a local issue associated with the oceans and climate. Nineteen of the CELCs accepted, including the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher (NCAFF).

The NCAFF decided to focus on education. The aquarium interviewed students from the Isaac Bear Early College High School to assist in the project. Together we chose to create a film focused on the potential impacts of a changing climate on our unique resources. The students titled their project “We Sea Change”. In addition to the film, we are creating a high school curriculum to supplement the film. The students have been keeping a blog which includes many of their pictures and thoughts on the project. You can visit the blog at

On February 14 the student delegations traveled to Washington D.C. to present their projects. The students met Jim Toomey, writer of the Sherman’s Lagoon comic strip. On Tuesday they learned about projects other student groups are working on. The presentations were webcast on the Ocean Portal. Our presentation has been archived at: Look for our students at 2:11:15. Tuesday evening, the students were lucky enough to meet Jean Michel Cousteau and listen to him speak. On Wednesday, NCAFF was one of eight student delegations selected to give live interviews on the Jason Project’s Website. You can see the Aquarium’s interview here: On Thursday most groups were able to meet some of their congressmen and share their passion for their projects. It was an amazing trip over all. If you would like to learn more about Coastal America you can check out their website at:

Our delegation is now in the process of editing our film. We still have interviews left to finish and a whole lot of work to do. We are certainly up to the challenge though. We will be hosting a premiere of the finished video at the aquarium on Wednesday September 28, 2011. See our "Movie Premiere" page for more information.

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Dustin, Evan, Jessica, Keela, Mr. Bishop, Ms. Ennes

Hiking Baldhead Island. From Left to right: Megan, Bryan, Jessica, Keela, Evan, Dustin

Where we are:

Point A is the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and Point B is Isaac Bear. We are fortunate to have so many coastal habitats surrounding our area. We have beaches, maritime forest, and a great river. Throughout our project we'll be exploring many of our unique habitats.

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